House of Lithium is the premier e-sport company offering the best e-bikes and e-powersports. Whether riding to work, for fun, or just on the beach, you’ll enjoy the most rugged and tricked-out bikes available anywhere.

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House of Lithium makes a host of e-bikes based on an oversized folding frame.  It’s custom configurable from a flat-tracker style to a tandem.

For the 50/50 BMX style, House of Lithium consulted legendary BMX rider Rick Thorne.

There are few full-suspension folding bikes out there and even fewer that are fat bikes.


Rick’s input brought in quality components like Profile BMX cranks and stem. The bike offers 80mm of travel via a Rockshox Monarch shock with adjustable pre-load and lockout. The rear shock offers all the adjustability you’d expect in a Monarch shock. Professionally designed and made for action, House of Lithium e-bikes are worthy of their awesome reputation.


House of Lithium e-bikes are versatile and fun to ride. It’s great for urban riders who want to have fun in the city. For BMX riders who want to add an e-bike to their collection, there is no better option. Commuters can use it to get to work without breaking a sweat. On the way home, jump off curbs and ride some trails without the risk of damaging the bike. Enjoy riding on the beach on the weekend? House of Lithium has the perfect bike for hours of fun.


Owing to its girth and fat tires, the Halfbreed isn’t the easiest e-bike to pedal without power, but that’s where the throttle comes in handy. Because it’s throttle only, the power-assist setting doesn’t change the top speed. Cruise control is a nice feature, especially when riding with friends. You can all pick a speed and not need to keep modulating the throttle to carry on a conversation. Bunny-hopping the bike requires about the same effort as doing so on a full-suspension mountain bike, but you can use the suspension to your advantage by preloading it and springing up. Thanks to the knobby tires, the bike lets you just point it anywhere—paved or just dirt/rocks—and head off in that direction. Between the plush suspension and high-volume tires, it’s like riding on a cloud. You don’t feel bad pavement or rutty, rocky trails; the bike just glides over almost anything. What surprised us most was the range. Our first 13 miles on the bike, using the, throttle almost exclusively, used less than 25 percent of the battery. That maybe partly because of the regenerative braking, but it was still impressive. We didn’t expect that much range, but being able to get 50 real-world miles out of a throttle-driven bike means there’s little range anxiety. As such, we’re happy to report Yamee’s I-PAS system actually works, and works well. This technology is quite remarkable, and we’d love to see it make its way to other parts of the industry. Most electric bicycles don’t have enough mass to regenerate significant power. We’ve seen motorcycles do it on long descents, putting 1—3 percent back into the battery.


The 50/50 runs a 750-watt direct-drive rear hub from Yamee. Normally, this setup includes a cadence sensor for pedal assist, but for this model it’s throttle only, so riders can control when power is added, getting no surprises if it kicks in suddenly. The Yamee system is really smart. If you hold the throttle open (at any speed) for five seconds, it activates cruise control so you don’t have to keep holding it. Turning the cruise control off is accomplished by tapping either of the brake levers, as they both have cutoff switches that also actuate the rear brake light. The bike also features a regen capacity, thanks to what Yamee calls their I-PAS (Intelligent Power-Assist System). While the 14-Ah battery is nowhere near the bigger batteries found on other systems, it is larger than what is in most folding bikes. The way it’s set up, you’d probably never fold this bike, as the handlebars don5t fold, but it does open to let you remove the battery if you’d rather charge the battery off the bike. You can also buy a second battery for $500, but owing to the range we got out of the bike, that probably won’t be necessary.

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